We welcome families to come and train together, it becomes more of a social event for the whole family to get involved in.  Training as a family makes it more fun for all as well as helping each other with the exercises and techniques  We have a special price for families where is there is 3 or more from the same household then 1 goes free!


At Aegis, although we can see the benefits in paying in advance for 1, 2 or 3 months ahead, there will be times when you cant train.  So you pay at the beginning of each lesson. 

First lesson is free for all new students.

£5 per lesson (if 3 or more members in one household then 1 goes free)

£30 annual membership/insurance

£30 for gradings

£6 for each badge or 2 for £10

£15 junior suits

£20 senior suits

(you may wish to supply your own suits)