Aegis Freestyle (Aegis is an ancient Greek word meaning shield or protection) is a dynamic form of self defence created for a modern approach to teaching martial arts.  The roots of the system can be found in the traditional Asian, Russian, American and European styles but it is not taught in a static class form.  The system will quickly give the student a good level of self defence confidence on the street or an enclosed environment. 

All the instructors are DBS certified, first aid trained and are full members of WAKO.  They have had a long history in various forms of Karate, Kick Boxing, Weapons Defence and Close Quarter Combat as well as Tai Chi and Qigong. Between them, they have over 135 years of experience in these areas.  They have taken what they consider to be the best and most effective techniques from these styles to produce the Aegis Freestyle system. 

The training incorporates mental, physical, emotional and spiritual disciplines which will help the student not only in self defence, but also in life in general. The system will develop and increase levels of self awareness, intention, perception and focus as well as mental and physical balance.  Helping to maximise our potential in all other aspects in life  There is a grading systems, as is with most styles going from white belt through to black belt, then on to Dan grades, as well as an instructor course when the student achieves the standard.  As the student progresses they will learn more crafted techniques and mind exercises.  Students will need to be repeating defensive technique in an accurate format until they become second nature. 


Martial arts is now considered by most to be one of the best forms of all round fitness regimes.  The credibility of any self protection system is shown not only in its efficiency but in it's enjoyment of learning and the positive chances it can make to the student's life. 





All of our senior instructors have trained in many different styles of Martial Arts so we have a wide range of experience.  We have WAKO endorsed syllabus covering junior, senior and street defence. We work alongside our governing body and follow their guidelines on how our classes should be run.  To look at their policies, please click here.


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